A “Ren Fair”

At Renaissance fairs, you might see any sort of person wandering around. From wizards with full beards to historically accurate persons in full costume, a Renaissance fair has gotten the reputation that anything goes–from fantasy to medieval, from Renaissance and Baroque.

The History

Historical reenactments abound to teach people about history. Renaissance fairs exist for entertainment. Although accurate dress is encouraged, people come for the food, fun, laughter, and kicks at a Renaissance fair. It’s very loose with historical accuracy, encouraging a mixture of fantasy, historical, and romantic ideas.

The Costumes

Costumes in Renaissance fairs vary widely. You might see a person “posing” as a historical person by putting on a long dress and fancy shoes, or you might see a serious-minded person who painstakingly sews an authentic houppelande. Find out how you can make your own costume for the fair.

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